Friday, October 10, 2008


Just like McCain did to Palin, like Obama did to Biden, and then Jim to Pam....I GOT TAGGED.

6 random things about misself:

1. I f'ing ROCK.

2. I used to be a bus driver.

3. I collect junk and love any thrift store, garage sale, flea market I can find.

4. I work from home which means I'm stealing company time all day long. And I talk to myself too.

5. I'm crazy.

6. I was the runner up pick as the actor-double to the little possessed girl in Poltergeist III. I was 10 and devastated when my almost brush with Hollywood (in Chicago) was stolen right away from me! I did get asked back months later to "sit in" which meant that my mom and I wandered around the set and talked with actors all day. It was *awesome*!

I would tag someone else except I know that no one reads this. How sad, huh?



jen said...

Wow, who knew you were so close to being a huge star!! :P When I was little and those movies were out, was constantly told that I looked like that little girl. Then didn't she die? Like in real life, from cancer or something? I'll look it up.

Ya :(

Anyway, great list. You do rock. :)

Eed said...

I know, isn't that sad that she died?

Marathon Maritza said...

Dude, we're not 'no one!'

I read this! :) Poltergeist...scary!