Monday, October 27, 2008

Whine Country and New Goals

Here's where I was this weekend:

Beautiful, no? Yes, but wine country = wine = drunk = nothing good! I did manage to do a 7.5 mile hike yesterday that was quite challenging and ran the entire way back down the mtn (3.8 miles). My quads are killing me today but I am planning to leave here in a moment to run and catch the last of the day's sun, then go to yoga at my gym. I don't know how good it will be, but we'll see.
My goal is to set a new goal this week:

1. Run 20 miles
2. Go to yoga twice
3. Do some form of cross training (spin, hiking, swimming, etc.)
4. Everything in moderation

Oh yeah - and VOTE!

Here are some more pics to quell your interest:

Recognize these folks?


jen said...

Yay, you made it to the Roloff farm! I'm jealous. Looks like a fun weekend and the weather was just perfect for it. Good luck on hitting your 20 miles this week, we should do one together. Thursday evening perhaps? I have a 7 mile tempo run, we could push each other along... you could listen to my wheezing... could be fun!

Alisa said...

I was in wine country too! CA wine country though. Where were you? J and I went wine tasting once in OR but weren't all that impressed. Looks like you went somewhere different.

We have similar running goals for the week. I'm trying to keep above 20 miles from now until the marathon (in January). I'd love a running buddy...we could do speedwork at a track or something...since I know you're a lot faster than me at least that way we'd see one another.

Marathon Maritza said...

Wait, you met the Roloffs????

Uhhhh, more details please!

Emily said...

@ Jen - you're a crazy woman...maybe I'll run with you for like 2 minutes!

@ Alisa - I was near Yamhill and it was gorgeous out, the whole wine tasting thing was more than I'd expected. I'd love to do a track workout! Also, if you're interested in yoga (probably bikram) let me know and we can go together sometime. Do you have your email address posted anywhere?

@ Maritza - Dude, I've got friends in low places.

Steve Stenzel said...

wine country = wine = drunk = GREAT!!!

(you were far off on that equation)


P.O.M. said...

I've been a slacker too. But I'm hoping for 20 miles this week. Not doing good so far though. ha ha.