Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beginning of the End?

My recap of my first M-F push is as follows:

M = 3.5 miles
T = 0.0 miles
W = 3.6 miles
Th = 3.6 miles
F = 3.99 miles

Every day I ran the same route. As boring as that may sound I actually like the routine, being the same spot and comparing it to how I felt yesterday or the day before at the same time. I'm sure I'll get bored with this eventually.

As this is my first real week getting my shit together, I spent a decent amount of time formulating plans and charts and graphs to forecast and track actuals. It is really nerdy and embarrassing and dorky and exciting all at once. Screen shots to follow in the next few days!

I'm taking today off and leaving in a minute to join Jen and Zach for happy hour. Jen did 17 miles today so I suppose deserves the gorgonzola fries more than me!

I wish I was going to be America's Next Top Model...instead I'm in the running to become America's Next Plus-Sized Model.


Marathon Maritza said...

Dude, take off the hate googles for a are not plus-sized but you are ridiculous.

The drunk dial was classic. :) You guys seriously made my night 2379283479238497 times better.

Alisa said...

Hey...thanks for stopping by.

I'm new to Portland myself...spending most of my life in CA (with a stint in Boston for grad school). I've met several Portland running bloggers...which is awesome. We should all meet for a run sometime. Have you discovered the Springwater trail? It's a nice, flat bike trail that goes from the downtown waterfront to Lake Oswego (if you go far enough). I live in the 'burbs so this is a special treat for me still since I really only run it on the weekends (if at all).

BTW, you are soooo NOT plus sized...I'm like 20 times bigger than you.

P.S. I'm trying to convince a couple of the other portland bloggers to run the PF Changs Arizona Marathon with me over MLK weekend in January. Sunshine in January! YAY! I'm also registered for the San Diego marathon again. My husband and I ran it last was awesome. San Diego--can't beat that!