Saturday, October 18, 2008

On The Ball

Header is in reference to the ball I've begun using as a desk chair in my oficina. I'll have a six pack by next week.

I ran a bunch this week and I'm really proud of it! I've also been really cognizant about what I'm eating and doing a good job with that too. Except we had a friend in from out of town last night which meant copious amounts of alcohol. I had an entire pitcher of Hammerhead Ale from McMenamin's, then at few glasses of wine. This all makes for a zenlike morning for me. At least I had salad for dinner and didn't partake in dinner #2 that all the boys had at 1 a.m. (Why do they do that? How can they do that?) I sat there and watched them eat and then distributed aid to a guy at the restaurant that had an apparent heart attack while we waited for the ambulance. I'm not kidding. I was drunk off my fanny, and suggested we do CPR. Then I realized the guy was conscious and that was not necessary, which ended up being hilarious in hindsight. Honestly I was the only person taking any sort of action! The waitstaff had called the ambulance but the people they was having dinner with were all very nonchalant, drinking their wine and acting like they didn't know him. The fucker was laid out on the ground and no one was down there with him!!! Anyway, I didn't save any lives, but I at least felt like I helped the guy out a bit.


So, I probably had enough calories in this morning's breakfast to negate all of the good stuff I did this past week but here's the report:

Mon - nada
Tues - 6.7 @ 8:19
Wed - 4.8 @ 8:21
Th - 3.88 @ 9:51
Fri - 8.13 @ 8:36
Weekly total = 22.79

Here is what my running log looks like:

So I may put in some more miles tomorrow, but definitely not today. All of these runs were even keel, Thursday's was a leisurely run through some neighborhoods, crowded sidewalks and a lot of stops & some hills at the end. Friday was longer than I wanted and by the end I was really sore. I rounded that run out w/a lifting session at the gym, all upper body, then I ran home.

I'm sore.

PS - learn CPR!!!
PPS - here's kind of what the night looked like....

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Alisa said...

Looks like a fun time to me!