Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Few Times I've Been Around That Track

...and its not just gonna have been like that...

I'm dreadfully posting another picture that make you think twice about my sanity. Every kid likes to be a ham, but what the hell? Why did I pose like this and who allowed me to do so. This was from the 1992 track photo shoot (my freshmen year of h.s.). As you can see I really was the tiny one - no chest and more legs than I have today.

This has to be the most ridiculous school sponsored photo taken to date. Great composition with the hospital in the background too.

So....back to present day.

I went running a little while ago and it finally felt absolutely GREAT. I ended up going 6.7 miles because I wanted to make up for the threee day hangover vacation I took and because it was one of those days that you wanted to keep going. (RE: hangover...I'm too old for this. I was literally incapacitated on Sunday, then yesterday was still dehydrated and felt like crap. I hate it!)

So, the stats on today's run:

Mile 1 = 7:34 (understandable, this is downhill)
Mile 2 = 8:19
Mile 3 = 8:36
Mile 4 = 8:54 (don't know why I slowed so much here)
Mile 5 = 8:30
Mile 6 = 8:13 (I intentionally tried to hit a neg. split)
Last 0.7 = 8:04 (I stopped at mile 6, stretched for 15 minutes, then ran this bit home, uphill, but I must have had more energy left after stopping)
TOTAL MILES = 6.7 @ 8:19 pace

Anywhoo - I am pleased with the way this turned out and how I felt. I felt really good. Weather outside is perfect - low 60s and sunny.

I wanted to add in last week's speed because I forgot:

M = 3.5 miles @ unknown pace, my Garmin died
T = 0.0 miles
W = 3.6 miles @ 7:58 (I intentionally went fast & it kinda sucked)
Th = 3.6 miles @ 8:55 (I intentionally went slow & it was a breeze)
F = 3.99 miles @ 8:28 (I think Goldilocks/Stella found her groove)

If you're in Portland, go out there and tear up the Springwater Corridor...there's something in the air today that is working...


Alisa said...

Springwater is one of my favorite places to run in Portland. I would say we could run together but you are wayyyyy faster than me.

Marathon Maritza said...

I will forgive you for not answering my call. Not cuz your head was in a toilet, but because you shared this picture. Classic!!

Freakin AWESOME job on your runs!! Yes! Portland 09, baby!!!

Sarah said...

Fun picture! It shows you had personality, even in HS :) ha ha! Welcome to Portland!

P.O.M. said...

You crack me up on so many levels.
#1 - the spreadsheet?? That is something I would totally do (especially after some wine).

#2 - yes, this hangover business should definately stop at some point. I'm 32 and still forget sometimes. ha ha.

That is an awesome pic!