Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Run Accomplished!

Well, I did it. I dragged my lazy ass on out and did 7+ miles - yay! It is a beautiful day out and once I got out there it felt really good. The first 0.6 miles was running (literally) errands (dropoff at library, pick up ZipCard), then I hit the waterfront and got serious. I pushed it a little harder than normal both because my legs were fresh and why not? I always get nervous about going a little faster, when really, if I get tired there is an easy fix - slow down! It isn't rocket science, just a little mental block that I need to get over. So, I am happy w/the results:

1 = 8:23
2 = 7:45
3 = 8:03
4 = 8:32
5 = 8:17
6 = 7:57
7 = 8:01
.07 = 7:37
Avg = 8:08

I really didn't have to stop at all, just slowed down if I felt like I was getting too hyperventily. I feel worked out! Now, on to my 1st night of yoga to stretch it all out!



Alisa said...

Great job with your run. It was a beautiful day. Sadly, I didn't get to running until after dark and had to hit the treadmill. Maybe we could run on the Springwater trail sometime...though you're a lot faster than I am.

Where do you do yoga? I haven't been to Bikram in ages...I really need to go. I

Marathon Maritza said...

great job on the run, Speedy McSpeedpants!! I'm finally gonna start yoga too....new studio in DT Berkeley!

I miss you!!!!!

Emily said...

@ Alisa - I did not do Bikram, rather tried a place in the Mississippi district, but I would not recommend it. Too much talk and not enough stretch. I've been scouting out some Bikram places in town but haven't been to any yet...any suggestions?

@ Maritza - it is bikram? Yay for Berkeley yoga and hippies in spandex!

Sarah said...

Great job!! I love running to accomplish things - like when I used to rent movies before they were just delivered to my house. ha ha. It's going to be another nice day today!

jen said...

Sweeeeet run! You're super speedy.