Tuesday, January 13, 2009

3 Miles of Pickups

I am going to recap my not yet complete day by saying I did okay with my new to do list and goals. I did everything I was supposed to do to make me a good work from homer. But alas, it didn't work all that well. I am having a really really hard time focusing on work right now, even when it is slightly critical.

I just finished Eat Pray Love and want to learn how to meditate.

I did my planned run today which was 3 miles total with 5 pickups. It went well and the weather is really great so I can't complain.

Total Miles = 3.07
Avg Pace = 7:27
Avg HR = 170 bpm

Now I'm going to end my day for reals and go look at a house then maybe get some sushi. After the pistachios this morning I managed to eat pretty well and not max out. I had a cheese/spinach/tomato sandy for lunch and a banana, then drank some more water. So far it looks like I've consumed about 920 calories (and burned 315 of those!). If I don't blow it at dinner I should be okay.

As I mentioned, I am kinda crazy right now hence the multiple posts and personalities.


Alisa said...

How much coffee have you consumed today? Hehe..jk.

Great job with the 3 miles of fastness!

jen said...

Nice run speedy lady!! Good job recording/monitoring your foods today. Enjoy your dinner and house-hunting!

RunToFinish said...

oh eat pray love totally inspires you to meditate! it's actually one of my goals for 2009 and i'm trying to start with at least one day a week..it's hard but I've also found just having more time that's quiet has helped. Wayne Dyer has some stuff on meditating too that is pretty good.

ThickChick said...

I'm not always the best work-from-homer either. *SO* easy to get distracted (especially with wedding stuff! HA!)

ThickChick said...

Oh - forgot to mention Eat, Pray, Love. It totally made me want to start meditating and doing yoga too. But I never did either! ;)
Let us know how it goes!

Colin Timberlake said...

Nice run, very speedy. Just .06 more miles and it was a 5K!