Saturday, January 24, 2009

Anal Pre-Race Stuff

I ran very slowly down to the track today, which is about a mile away. I kept catching myself going too fast and drawing it back in. Once I got to the track I did a couple of laps of strides, then stretched for a while before running home. My legs are sore still from either the time trial or maxing out on stretching this week. Really all that remains is soreness in my right quad but at this point what can I do? I'll keep stretching today and lightly use the quadballer. I was toying w/the idea of an ice bath but come on, who wants to do that, plus I think it is too late anyway.
  • Weather: During my run it was ~40* and cloudy. I went out in 3/4 tights + short sleeve under a long sleeve and no hat.
  • Legs: The bottoms felt fine and I think even if it is in the 30s tomorrow I'm going to go with these, just to make sure I don't overheat.
  • Top: This was fine and what I'll do tomorrow, but I will add gloves. If I get hot I can ditch the gloves and roll up my sleeves.
  • Dome: No hat was fine for temp control, but something has to be done about my growing hair. My hair is fine but there is a lot of it and my ponytail is swinging around like its in a cabaret show. Must tame. I am going to bring a hat with a brim in case it is raining cause I don't want that stuff in my eyes.
  • Nutrition: I stopped and grabbed some Gu and Shot Bloks for the race tomorrow. I haven't completely decided what to eat for breakfast tomorrow, but want to consume it by about 2 hours before the race so it is totally digested. I'll probably just stick with toast or a bagel and maybe a scrambled egg. Water and some coffee for shiz. I may do some Gu or Shot Bloks right before the race. Along the course I'm going to bring some Shot Bloks and suck 3 down at the halfway point. For dinner tonight I'm going to eat something bland and pasta-y (pierogies anyone?). And I'm going to eat early, take a hot shower and get in bed!
  • Pre-Race Plan: Jen, Zach and I should get to the start at 9:00, which will give us time to get our race packets, pin our numbers on (assuming they have them?) and start warming up. I've never been big on warming up because I'm usually so nervous I just want to chat and mildly freak out. But I think it is a good habit to get into so I'm going to follow the advice of the coach by spending about 10 minutes on drills (like before my track workouts), then running very lightly for 15 minutes, just to get the body warm and ready. I want to be done w/all that by 9:45 so we can get to the start. I guess that give me only 10 minutes to register and put my bib on but that should be fine.
Can you tell I'm getting excited? And I'm sorry to say this may not be the last time you hear from me today..... I AM SO ANNOYING.



KK said...

LOL if by "annoying" you mean "funny" then I agree! Love the hair/cabaret analogy.

It is so funny how we let our minds get the best of us before races. I'm with you though, I'd much rather nervously chat than warm up. You're lucky that you'll be with Jen and Zach!

Anyway, Good luck, I'll be rooting for all you guys.

jen said...

I think I have settled on shorts and long sleeve tech shirt and gloves and visor. But that might change eleventy more times today!

I'm definitely not warming up... I need every ounce of energy for the race! It's a good idea though for you.

Should be fun! See you in the morning.

the gazelle said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! I know you'll do terrifically! I just hope it stops snowing soon.

Alisa said...

Wow 15 minutes of running BEFORE a race...I have never subscribed to the pre-race running...I'm with Jen I need all my energy for the race.

GOOD LUCK...I'll be thinking of you!

RunToFinish said...

yeah exciting... love the build up!!

Sarah said...

Good luck!!! can't wait to hear the details :)

Amy said...

I'm a little late to comment so I hope you guys did awesome. About your hair dilemma. If I braid my ponytail it doesn't go back and forth and annoy me. Maybe try that? But my hair is really thin so I'm not working with a lot. :) Hope it went well!!!!