Saturday, January 24, 2009

Goals/Training Recap/Next Steps


I am finally posting my race goals as well as some thoughts on my training, next steps and plan for 2009. Some of this is incomplete so look for more on coaching thoughts and 2009 goals later.

1. Race goals:

  • Worst possible outcome - missing my alarm and not doing the race all together; car accident on the way to the race, appendectomy before/during the race.
  • Least acceptable outcome, but goal-reaching nonetheless - let's say I make it there and manage to run healthy but finish with a crappy time. This still falls under success, but barely.
  • Goal A - Breaking my previous 1/2 marathon PR of 1:53:31.
  • Goal A+ - Breaking 8:00 pace (finishing under 1:44:48).
  • Goal A++ - This goal is the stars-align-and-the-spirit-of-Paula-Radcliffe-enters-my-body goal. I.e., anything a lot faster than A+ goal!
2. Training recap:

In reviewing my training over the last few months I came up with a list of wins and losses - me vs. the training:
  • Training WINs:
  • Increasing mileage - I started off barely running 10-15 miles per week and culminated in over 30 in my biggest week.
  • Successful track workouts - I learned to love the track again! At first it was definitely a cautious step back in, but now I'm feeling it and want to keep doing it.
  • Good long runs - my favorite long run was my fast 14 miler with Shawn, but mostly just seeing overall improvement from week to week.
  • Strengthening my heart - my HR during my runs has become distinctively lower over the course of the three months. I'd like to have a RHR from October to compare to but I don't. One good comparison is my 1st TT @ 185 avg HR to the more recent TT of 183 avg HR (the latter run being a minute faster and no upchucking).
  • Coaching - I will have more to say on this later (note to self to remember: reasonable tempered training, focused sessions, confidence building, no amateur burnout, etc.)
  • Feeling good - along with eating better and drinking less (sort of) I feel pretty great.
  • Looking good - I lost some weight too and can tell I'm stronger - since I looove muscles this is great.
  • Training FAILs:

3. Next steps:

First will be post-race mimosas, huge brunch, then sitting on my ass all day watching movies. I am really excited about that! After I wake up Monday feeling sore and hungover, the real next steps begin...

I can't wait to have some time to get into Bikram and some weight training for a little bit. I think this is what I'm going to do for the month of Feb. And what are these programs like the 30 Day Shred (abs?) or the 100 push up challenge. Worth it?

4. Plan for 2009:

There are a few definites that I have going right now:
  • August/September - Look The Best In Your Life Day (wedding)
  • October - Portland Marathon
There are a couple of things that I could do this year:
  • set a 5k PR
  • continue to improve my half marathon
  • jump on the triathlon bandwagon
Some local races that I might consider, depending on what my goals are:
  • 3/15/09 - Shamrock Run (5k, 8k, 15k)
  • 4/5/09 - Run For The Roses (5k and half)
  • 5/3/09 - Eugene Half Marathon (also 5k on 5/2)
  • 6/13-14 - Blue Lake Triathlon (Oly on 6/14 and sprint on 6/13)
  • Hagg Lake Tri?
So that's all that I've got on those topics. I've had a lot of fun training and am excited about the race tomorrow. Jen is running too so please send us good vibes between 10 a.m. and noon (hopefuly only until say 11:44 a.m.) Pacific time tomorrow. There are no timing chips so I'm going to try to get to the line when the race starts. We'll see how successful I am. It is also going to be pretty cold (I'm guessing under 30* at the start?), so attire will play a key part in staying comfortable during the race.

I leave you with my plan for the day:
  • short easy run
  • closet re-org
Peace out!


Marathon Maritza said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! Have a blast!!!!!!!!

Denise said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Alisa said...

You'll do great!!!!!!!!!!

Look at all those training wins!

I *think* I'll be jumping on the triathlon bandwagon.

jen said...

You're going to get an A++ tomorrow i"m sure of it!

Love the race calendar- yay for the Portland race circuit!

aron said...

good luck!!!!!! you can totally get the A++ :)

and i vote for eugene since i will be there!!!

RunToFinish said...

ohh paula radcliff entering your body would be one helluva post.

I'm positive you will be quite the beautiful bride.

No chance in convincing you to hope down to San Diego for that race?