Friday, January 30, 2009


Spin Class:

Yesterday I went to the spin class at my gym. (Check! off the weekly goals list.) It was possibly only the 4th or 5th time I've ever been to a spin class in my life. Every time I go I think - man, I would be in incredible shape if I did this all the time. Then I never go again.

I got in a good workout and think I pushed myself fairly hard. Next time I'm wearing my HRM to see really how hard I'm pushing. I did sweat quite a bit and that always makes me feel like a bad ass. I want to go more often so I can prepare myself for riding my bike this summer. I have a hang up with the bike for some reason and now that I have my clipless pedals I'm terrified of the thing! I also plan to wear my shoes to the next session to get comfortable in them.

(I always think of how funny I would be if I showed up to a spin class with my helmet.)


I'm definitely going to do Week 1/Day 2 of the 100 Push Ups and 200 Sit Ups challenge. And I may do one or more of the following:
  • go running
  • spin class
  • yoga
This Weekend:

This weekend will be chockablock of fun activities:

We bought our honeymoon tickets last night to Hawaii for 10 days in November. Never mind that we don't have ANYTHING else planned for our wedding, at least we have the after party in place. Totally excited.

This Weekend's Racers:

Good luck to all of those people out there doing a race this weekend! I will be passing along speedy and happy thoughts and can't wait to read your race report on Monday.


Alisa said...

Everyone knows that honeymoon is the best part anyway!

I'd be up for spinning next Friday (either 6am or 515pm).

RunToFinish said...

I won't lie I did the wedding for the honeymoon.. oh and I really like this guy...but seriously the honeymoon!!

Ok so umm I'm a retard, how do I see my lap times while I'm actually running?

Denise said...

The honeymoon is the important part...when you're alone, enjoying each other. I skipped the ceremony all together and got married on the beach in = honeymoon. Loved it!

jen said...

Ooooooh Hawaii!! That sounds so nice. And it will be after the marathon too, which IMO we all deserve a honeymoon after.

You are my push up idol, btw. Have fun at the Trail Factor run this weekend! Ha!

Sarah said...

I want a honeymoon!!! And spinning is awesome. I miss it.

aron said...

honeymoons are the best!! we went to maui for ours... which island are you going to?

Amanda said...

Honeymoon's are awesome. Congrats!

Amy said...

I was terrified when I got my clipless pedals too but it isn't that hard to get used to them and using them in the class helps. Then when you're on your bike outside you're used to using them. Make sure they make them loose on your real bike and that way its easier to clip in and out.

Yay for honeymoon!

Marathon Maritza said...

The honeymoon is the best part! YAY!!!!

So, I feel really sad that I'm missing all your wedding prep stuff, especially the dress stuff! :( Why don't you still live on Alcatraz? :(

Anyway, send me pics because I want to see your dress options! Or did you pick one already??? :)

KK said...

ummmm do you and your husband-to-be mind if I join you on your honeymoon? That looks heavenly!!!

Sorry you've had a crappy couple of days...winter just blows in general.

Yeah, totally know what you mean about parents. I have awesome parents (thankfully) and it was actually nice to talk to them during conferences, it's just the 28 five year olds during the day that kills me. Yeah, they're five. And yeah, they show me thier poop. I was surprised they could generate such bigs ones!!! (note: I definitely flush the toilet with my shoe) :)

Cheers to the weekend. We finished the magnum (as you so wittingly referred to it) last night. It wasn't even hard to do :).

Tri Dave said...

Spin classes are great! I'm kind of getting myself into Bikram too. It's a nice change for the winter. Although I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about that during the summer months.

Jen Rife said...

I fell twice the first time I tried out my clipless pedals. Just gotta remember to clip out and then stop. It doesn't work the other way around. :)