Friday, January 09, 2009

After Hours

It is 10:30 on Friday night, which is considerably late for me. I am enjoying the last of a bottle of champagne that a friend from far off sent to me as congratulations and thinking of her with every sip.

I am starting to get sore from my track workout yesterday. I wasn't very sore until just about an hour ago when I stood up after dinner. But the weird thing is that it isn't muscle soreness, it is joint achy-ness. It isn't that big of a deal, and it loosened up after I started walking, but is there. A little earlier in the night I had twinginess in my knee, just out of nowhere! How can my body be doing this to me?

Again...nothing major, just little things that annoy me. Little things that didn't happen when I was a sprightly 80 pound 7th grader. (And of course it is really smart to compare yourself to the person you were 17 years ago.) Bottom line is that I wish my body could bounce back quicker but it can't and it is fine. Nothing major, just annoying. I just don't like aging!

I am really looking forward to my easy run tomorrow and my not-so-easy run on Sunday. 14 miles, half of which will be at a race pace of 7:55/mile. And all with my loving, trusting awesome coach Shawn. After this there aren't too many hard days before the big race. I have been training for three months for this race and it is about to be all over with in 2 weeks. Ahhhh, life.


Sarah said...

You can't compare yourself to a junior high kid - silly - they can't drink!

Alisa said...

Those are some fast middle miles!

Mmmmmmm champagne love it!!!!

RunToFinish said...

ahh pretending I am running with you

aron said...

yummm champagne, i hope to be sipping some in a few hours :)

good luck on your long run this weekend!!