Monday, January 12, 2009

Bang On My Drum All Day

I never intended to use this site to post anything other than running and training related stuff. I think that may change now from time to time. I'm finding that I need to keep myself more on the ball with items not related to training and this is the only place for it.

Sure, I have to do lists, and calendars and personal goals, etc., but I have been less than diligent on keeping those items up lately and it is really starting to throw me off. I feel like I am scattered over the place a lot of the time.

A big reason for this is that I started working from home full time last summer. When I moved from Seattle to Portland in August not only was I working from home 100%, but I was also away from my real office with no easy chance to stop by if I wanted to.

Don't get me wrong, working from home is great...most of the time. I've found, however, that I need structure and routine and depending on oneself for all of that is difficult. I mean, sure I hated the bus ride to work but it gave me structure - wake up, shower, get dressed, walk to bus stop, ride bus, read or work on bus, show up. All of those things are items easily checked off of a list - there you go, before you even started your real day you already have accomplished some things.

Another change is that I've taken on greater responsibility with my job and am in territory that is totally new to me. I find that if I am not super super organized while managing this project I fall apart (mentally, emotionally, etc.!).

So, I'm going to somehow use this place to help keep me going, at least for a little while. This article got me starting thinking....

First stop on this venture is starting a morning routine; here are the 5 things I will start doing to kick start my day:

  1. Make the bed
  2. Shower/groom
  3. Get dressed
  4. Make coffee and brekkie
  5. Clean and set up shop for the day

Making the bed - listen people, this is harder than it looks. I rarely walk past the bed after I've left it until I fall back into it.... However, I feel that my house is order when this is done so why not?

Shower/groom - ok, seriously, when you don't have to see anyone throughout the course of your day and you don't need to...why? Why do it? Especially when I have a run or workout planned within hours this just doesn't make sense. As you can see, it is so easy to just blow off a morning shower because you can skip straight to the coffee/toast/whatever of your day. I've already managed a way to shorten my beauty routine*, so the least I can do is this.

Get dressed - I often just come downstairs as-is. It is damn cold in my apt and my jammies and fleece-galore do me just fine. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to replicate the office-life and actually don a brassiere. Right?

Coffee/food - the coffee part is easy and not something I'm worried about accomplishing. I need it dammit. But the food part, I could do better at this. Rather than drag out my morning until like 9:30/10, I'm going to prep my breakfast and eat it at a place other than my desk. Then I'm done. Also include vitamins and at least a glass of water in there. (Birds...stones...etc.)

Clean/set up shop - my workspace and living space are all located in the same huge area. I love my apartment but since I have to share my office with my living room and kitchen, things can get complex. Often I'll find myself drawn to stopping work just to clean up a mess or sweep or put something away. No more. I'm getting this part done before I officially start work. That way there will be no distractions once I get to it.

Once I am done with my race I am going to change this up. I may start getting in a bike ride (gasp) or some gym-based workout in the a.m.

What is your morning routine? Is it the same everyday? Does it work for you?

*leave-in conditioner!

Next up:
  • Getting out of the house
  • Organizing the work area
  • Time management


Sarah said...

I can't make my bed if my life depends on it. Seriously. When I worked from home I struggled with all the same things you do. I found working out in the morning really cured me. I had to shower - because I was sweaty. I had to make my bed - so I wouldn't climb back into it sweaty. . . you'll figure it out :)

RunToFinish said...

I started making the bed again like when I was little and I swear it's nice to just have the feeling that things are in order.

jen said...

This all sounds exactly like my morning, but replace "work" with "look for work." Good luck with finding a routine that works for you! I like Sarah's idea of doing your workout in the morning if possible.

aron said...

i always think how i would love to work from home, but at the same time i think i would stay in my pjs all day long. i think having this routine will be awesome for you! i have been getting into the making the bed routine lately and its amazing how good it makes you feel :) good luck with working it all out!

Marathon Maritza said...

I think if I worked from home, I'd get fired....unless my actual job was to read blogs all day and fuck around on FB. In other words, I'm already thoroughly impressed with you. But I do agree on some of your points here...

1. Making the bed - I hadn't made my bed ever until about 3 months ago, when I started making it ever day and let me tell you...there is something so grossly satisfying about it that I will never NOT make my bed again.

2. Getting dressed - it's so so true. On the weekends or days off, wearing my PJ's and just socks meant that I ended up doing absolutely nothing all day but watch tv. No run, nothing. Getting dressed, AND putting on shoes, for some reason, does give you a sense of action, like prepping for action or something. I actually read a health magazine article on what getting dressed and putting on shoes does for your psyche and also adrenaline/endorphins and stuff, so its proven by science. I tried to search for it but couldn't find it in archives for you.

Now I'M posting way too long. Peace out and make your bed!

Alisa said...

I can totally see the pluses and minuses of working from home. I would love to set my own schedule and work in my PJs BUT I can also see how one could feel isolated and distracted.

I hate making the bed and since I am usually up and out of bed before my hubs he usually gets stuck with the job.

I think you list is a great way to start a routine that works for you. Justin used to work from home and would sometimes work at a coffee shop just to get out of the house.