Monday, January 26, 2009

Goals For The Week (1/26/09)

This week is a huge transition week for me - race is done, coaching is done, training is done and I have no idea what I'm going to do next. Some of these are old standby goals, but I definitely added some new and interesting things for me to try during this wonky week.

  1. Set up training/racing goals for 2009; pick out races to sign up for.
  2. Go to yoga twice.
  3. Start the 100 push up plan.
  4. Go to a spin class.
  5. Go to a random strength class at the gym (abs, circuit, pilates, whatever).
  6. Log food.
  7. Take vitamins daily.
  8. Drink 64 oz water daily.
  9. Don't get too wasted.
Setting up my training and racing goals for 2009 is really important. I'm not sure how far I'll get this week on that, but progress must be made, and soon. It kind of puts me on edge to not have a plan in place. But you already knew that didn't you?

I think yoga will be key this week to get my muscles back on track after the race. I have a yoga-buddy-friend and we might take the plunge this week into bikram. She's never gone before and I hope she loves it. I haven't gone to bikram in quite some time so it will be interesting to see if I actually still like it. (Go back, way back, MORE BACK!)

The 100 push up plan. Why not? Not sure if I'm going to go all the way through on this program, but I'm at least going to get started. It will give me something to do this week.

Spin class? Again, why not? Same thing with the random class - I just need to keep myself busy this week.

I want to keep up with eating well and trying not to drink too much. After my champagne overload last night I am definitely feeling tired today and allowing myself to take the day off. I'm going to put the above-mentioned workouts on my calendar tonight so that I can commit to them throughout the week.

Anyone have advice on how to deal with the post-race slump?


Alisa said...

If you can wait to do Bikram until Saturday, I think Amy and I are going on Saturday. And, if you can wait for spinning til Sunday, that's when I'm going. No running for me for a little while.

As for 2009 races I have a couple of marathon coupons from Arizona if you are looking for discounts =). Of course it would rock if you came to San's going to be a blogger party!

No post race'll set your sights on a new challenge knowing you!

Amy said...

#9's my favorite goal. :) I find the best way to avoid the post-race slump is to have something else planned. Even if its a 5K in April. Something to look forward to. Good luck with your week! And congrats again on an awesome race.

the gazelle said...

I love Bikram, and like Alisa said, we'll be at
Saturday morning at 9!