Monday, January 12, 2009

Goals For The Week

Wow, I guess it has been a while since I've solidified my goals for the week on here, so I'm back at it again.

  1. Watch the nutrition (track what I eat)
  2. Take vitamins every day
  3. Drink 64 oz of water each day
  4. Follow my training plan
  5. Go to yoga once

Nutrition - the next few weeks I will have to watch what I eat more carefully than I have in the last 2.5 months. My training and mileage is slowing way down and I need to keep my intake and weight in check. I actually asked Shawn yesterday if he thought I should lose a couple of pounds before the race and he yelled at me: "NO!" He said any attempt to do that now would be totally drastic and could mess with the fitness I've built up. Duh, just another psycho question from an amateur athlete. He did caution me about eating too much because of the slowdown in training. So, my goal is to maintain where I am for the next two weeks and not gain any weight before the race. I am going to achieve this by stocking my place with healthy foods and log what I'm eating. I had been really consistent with doing this, but dropped off around xmas time. Such is life...

Vitamins - I've also fallen off the wagon here, which is so ridiculous. It may be a placebo, but I honestly think I feel better when I take my vittles and it is so easy to do. So I just need to do it (and have already done so today, thankyouverymuch).

Water - another thing I'd been good with and dropped from my daily to do list. Just do it. Drink the friggin H2O dammit.

Training - obviously this needs to be done. This week my training also includes stretching and Trigger Point specifically which is fantastic. I NEED to do these things and know how beneficial it can be. So, MWF this week is dedicated only to stretching and TP.

Yoga - this falls somewhat into the stretching category for me. I always feel great afterward too.


jen said...

I'm a flinstones girl myself, never miss a day with those tasty little buggers! Good luck with your goals for the week, I'm going to steal all the others.

And you obviously don't need to lose a pound.

aron said...

great goals!! i was being so good with my vitamins and then just kind of lost it the past couple days... but DID take them this morning :) i can definitely tell.

Alisa said...

Wait, those yoga poses weren't actually you doing yoga?? HEHE. I'm not very good with the vitamins either, especially since Justin thinks all supplements are just good marketing not actually beneficial.