Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The training plan is being followed. Work is getting better. I'm drinking more water. I'll be trotting tomorrow before I tackle this bird carcass in my fridge.

Run fast.
The hills are your friend.

FYI, BBNOTY is Michigan for "biggest bar night of the year" - has anyone else heard that term before? Its spoken like "BB-naughty" and it cracks me up.


Susan said...

BBNOTY -- that's funny!

jen said...

I hadn't heard that- interesting! You michiganers are weird.


Alisa said...

Can't wait to hear your official race report. I'm glad my bib got used!

Anonymous said...

A great acronym to be sure, but I don't think that is necessarily Michigan speak. I'm from Ohio and have been saying for years. Maybe a midwest thing as I've heard it in Chicago and many other places.

Happy Thanksgiving 2011