Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hot to Trot

Cadence Run On Track
edit | delete November 25, 2008

Distance4.03 miles
Time33 mins and 31 seconds
Pace8:19 min / miles
NotesI am sending you the whole list of data from this run. LOTS of info as I hit the lap button every 100 meters. For the 2 miles of cadence I only had a 7:53 pace; thinking I should have pushed it more because I am not really that worn out. Actually I am a bit worn out but that's because I've been up since before 4 a.m.! But on the track I felt fine.
ShoeGel Landreth (31.51 miles on shoe)

Ok, I'm obviously cheating again w/the cut and paste from Flotrack, but I really don't have much to add. Now that I'm home and sitting down I am totally exhausted. Must go to bed early!

On another note, I procured a 24 pound turkey this afternoon. Who knew how exciting that is! I was seriously beaming at the store. Clearly, this is my first time.

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jen said...

Great run and great turkey-pickin'! You're going to have quite the feast. Make sure to take some pictures of the thanksgiving spread!

Happy Thanksgiving! (I think I said that a few times already) :)