Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Day and Early Morning Cheer

Wow - there is a lot going on this week. My excitement had been building for some time and yesterday it all came through in a terrible great rush!

My day started early, running through the rain to get to the gym and do a 6 a.m. class. I made it in time, but there was not any room in the class...I wasn't going to go home, so I carved out a niche in the corner. This is one of those classes that requires weights and unf the only ones left were really light or really heavy. I opted for light and doubled up at times. It was a decent class, but I think I would have gotten more out of it if I'd had better weights. All in all I'm glad I went and am going to try a similar class there tomorrow morning. Waking up and getting after it first thing really jump started my day and I was sooo crazy hyper when I got home I didn't even recognize myself. I am usually quiet and pissed off in the morning. So that's another awesome side effect of doing an early class.

Monday's run, as I mentioned was cold, wet and dark. However I really enjoyed it - as I was running over the bridge a train came by tooting his horn and for some reason I wanted to cheer and do the white people fist pump. I wore my HRM for the first time in ages, so here are the metrics on that run:

Miles - 3.84
Pace - 8:31
HR - 171 bpm

Screen shot from the Garmin software:

Me soaking wet after the run:

Ok, wait, so back to Tuesdee, election day....I basically could not get a handle on myself all day. I moved operations to the couch at about noon to start watching coverage while I worked. I left a little after 5 to do a happy hour/election coverage night w/a friend. I think the champagne helped ease things a bit. Historically, I was in the bathroom when they called the election, but came out in time to high 5 the rest of liberal Portland. It is all very exciting and I can't believe it is over with. However, I guess the party has just begun, right?

I am a little sore today from the class yesterday (in places I forgot had existed!), but will forge out for a run today/tonight. I received my first month's workout plan from Coach Shawn, but may need to rearrange some of it as my schedule is messy this week. Part of this involves a time trial on the track. He needs to see what my current racing pace is, so I am honestly a little nervous about that. But, it needs to be done so I just have to do it! I'll report on this later.

Some fall pictures from my hike last week:

I paid 10 cents for 2 hours - best parking meter ever (in Silverton, OR)

The first waterfall we saw on the hike

Scary Halloween looking trees:

Pretty leafy-laden path:


Alisa said...

Was your hike in Silver Falls Park? We had some friends get married there. It was beautiful. We should get a group together to hike...I love hiking, especially in the gorge.

Great job on the 6 am class. I don't like how crowded that class is either. You have to get there like 15 minutes early to get a good spot and good weights.

Might see you tomorrow, I have another late work meeting tonight but I'm going to try to get there.

Sarah said...

Great pictures! I went hiking a week or so ago - it's the perfect time for it! Also, good job on forcing your way into the class! ha ha. I have tried going to spinning 3 times this week and never get there early enough to get a bike. Irritating.

P.O.M. said...

Oh, I've seen that waterfall too - the first time I went to OR when dating boy from there (ages ago).

$hit rolls down hill.... you know, like 'pass the buck.' haha. Just being weird today.