Friday, November 21, 2008

Pep Talk

Yeah, I thought I was doing great and now I'm not doing so great. Yesterday was the first day that I didn't follow my training plan and I feel really bad about it. I was supposed to do my tempo run, but then mid-day I realized I would not get in everything I needed to do (other life-related tasks). So I decided I could swap Friday's strength training with the tempo run (this did sort of work out w/my life-related tasks). But then I did not do the strength training and today I do not want to do either and want to lay down and cry.
  • Sleep - really bad lately
  • Work - really stressful lately
  • Social - really busy lately
This could evolve into the ultimate storm if I don't put a cork in it soon!

Work - I have a huge project that is all my responsibility and it just let loose this week. It is all new for me and there is a ton to do and figure out. Now how to do all this while pretending that I'm not that dumb and playing politics that I don't know well. I work amongst my competitors for a client that might not renew our contract. It sucks. I also found out my employer is cutting back on merit increases this year and we're kinda getting a shitty deal. I guess I should just be happy that I have a job period, but christ. We work our asses off so cut us a break FGS.

Anyway, sleep - when I get stressed out w/work I can't sleep well. I woke up at 1:30 last night and couldn't get back to sleep. My mind spins with useless to do items running through it. I just want to sleep!

Social - I should not complain here but it is hard to deal with the work stuff and training stuff when people are sleeping on your couch all the time. I love my people, but come on people. Cut me a break FGS.
I got a good email pep talk from Coach SB today and I am going to listen to what he said, basically this:
Don't worry about doing the tempo if you're too tired. If you start the tempo and you're feeling good, then go with it. If you start itand feel like you're having to really force the pace, then call it andjust run easy.Everything will work out. Just stay positive and remember that youstill have a couple months of training. A workout or two won't be theend of the world. Life is about balance. Family is important, sociallife is important, career is important and our hobbies are alsoimportant. Just do what you can do.

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Marathon Maritza said...

You cannot, and should not, beat yourself up like this when you miss a run because honey, you are gonna miss them. A LOT of them. It happens.

Health & happiness & a good night's sleep come first.

Miss ya!!!!