Wednesday, November 05, 2008

New Music and Plodding Along

I have been under a rock for the past 15 years when it comes to music. I still consider my old standbys to be Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, REM - all stuff I grew to love when I was in high school! Also, I don't have a car and never drive around listening to the radio. I literally have no idea what's been happening since 1995. I listened to Fresh Air on my run tonight and heard an interview w/the lead singer of the Decemberists and I think I like them! Anyone else have music suggestions or updates that can help usher me into the new millennium?

Today was Day One of TTNL and the workout was extremely anticlimactic, but hey - I'm ready to go with the flow here..... The task, to run 3 miles at "Zone 1" pace. Zone 1 is 60% of max HR, which according to the old 220 minus your age, for me means Zone 1 is 113 bpm or less. I hit 113 bpm when I'm answering emails! After asking Coach SB if he was suuure that was right, he said just take it slow, slow like you could do it over and over.

So I took it REALLY slow and the results are....

Miles = 3.58
Pace = 10:30
HR = 139

I almost couldn't stand it going that slow. I couldn't go any slower. I felt like I was hopping in place. I don't want to offend any runners that read this, but just imagine running much slower than what you normally train at and this is it. Outside of that I don't have much to report on the run!

(Oh! I did see Jen and Zach running together in the opposite direction. I keep running into them! It was dark out but we recognized each other as we got close and stopped for a second to say hi. Those two need to enter a contest for Cutest Active Couple of The Year - seriously.)

Afterward I stopped at the gym and did yoga (another weekly goal crossed off the list) and my avg HR in yoga was 100 bpm and that includes warm up cool down, etc. I think I may just have a faster than avg HR? I guess women have faster hearts? I like to think of us like little butterflies and tiny little sparrows flitting all over town. Zip zip!


WAIT! How could I forget? Tomorrow is my birthday - you'd be remiss to not wish me a happy birthday... Tomorrow I'm "working", getting my hair cut, my toes did and going out to lunch! Oh yes, and running 5 miles in Zone 27.


Sarah said...

I heart Fresh Air :) I learn so many interesting things from them. God Bless NPR. And I can make you TONS of CDs with running options!! Happy early birthday!

Zach said...

Happy Birthday!

jen said...


Thanks for the shout out, we sure are adorable. :P

*aron* said...

happy birthday!!!!

sometimes running slow is so much harder than running fast.

P.O.M. said...

Happy birthday.

Being the gang-star that I am, I listen to much hip hop. But after listening to the Decemberist, I have a few suggestions for ya:

1. The Shins
2. Great Northern
3. Ingrid Michealson
4. Tegan & Sara (my fav non-hip hop)
5. Coldplay
6. Joshua Radin
7. Regina Spektor

Warning: I'm not very hip or up to date :)