Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Goals For The Week

It is 4:50 a.m. and I have been up for an hour. Yay!

I just posted a new "Goals For the Week" and would like to highlight this here:

  • 1. Follow training plan. I don't think this will be hard as this is a pretty slow week for me. That said, having guests in town always makes this challenging.
  • 2. Do Turkey Trot on Thursday. Alisa was kind enough to offer me her bib for this race since she's not going to be in town. After wavering on the offer and trying to come up with excuses I think I am going to do it. Thanks Alisa!
  • 3. Stretch more. I have not been stretching as much as I know I should. Luckily I haven't been that sore but I know this is important.
  • 4. Do Trigger Point more. This system is great and makes your muscles feel like they endured a professional massage. I should have more time to do this this week.
  • 5. Eat healthy and drink lots of water. This task has been just a given for the past two months and I had gotten in a good groove. Unfortunately I think I've been slacking on making this happen the last couple of weeks. Maybe due to work stress? I am going to eat more vegetables and less crappy snack foods this week.
  • 6. Take vitamins. Another thing that I've been forgetting. What is wrong with me? Just do it FGS.
  • 7. Figure out this stress/sleeping thing. Figure out a way to sleep soundly. If I wake up and it is past 4 a.m., get up and work rather than toss and turn for hours. I'll eventually sleep it off later.
  • 8. Don't get too mind f'ed with work. Meditate or do something to put this all in perspective. Do the major to do items, focus on what I can control and not linger on the things that I can't.
  • 9. Moderation over holiday weekend. Don't eat until I bust open or get really wasted. Just because it is TG doesn't mean all bets are off.
  • 10. Have fun with family and friends. I'm so lucky to have my parents come and visit and have friends nearby to spend TG with. I am really really lucky and need to be more cognizant and thankful for this. Be thankful FGS!


Zach said...

Holy Hell you were up early! Looks like you had a fun weekend - I've got to get out and check out the dam sometime. Good luck in the 5k.

*aron* said...

those are some awesome goals :) way to try and see the best about things (work). have a great thanksgiving!!!

Alisa said...

Wow that is early! I sent that note to you this morning from the gym.

I was up around 5am not being able to sleep either. Finally got up and took the dog out around 5:20.

Good luck on Thursday...you'll make my bib proud!

Sarah said...

Yeah - I'll be there too! In my own bib. .

jen said...

Good luck with the turkey trot! I'm doing one too and not stressing about it, it's just for fun. You'll do great. Have a wonderful time with your family!!