Thursday, November 06, 2008


What a nasty day outside! It is misting hard and the wind is blowing.

I just got done with my run and here are the stats:

Miles - 5.05
Pace - 8:28
BPM - 167

I ended up having to go faster than I'd expected to hit that 170 bpm mark...which could mean that I had my max HR wrong as based on my run last night. I think maybe I took it too easy last night? Who knows.... BUT, after a little resistance at first, it felt really easy to hit that mark.

Tomorrow is my time trial but tonight is WINE!! (How is that for logic?)


Alisa said...

Great job! The mist and yuckiness of last night made me choose wine over running. That means tonight is run night and tomorrow is short run.

I'm going to post my plan for next week, maybe we could meet up for a run. I'm probably going to try running with one of the running groups around town and see how that goes. They say they have a variety of pace groups. I'm also GOING to make weights class on Thursday!

Sarah said...

There is no logic during birthday week! enjoy :)

Alisa said...

I'll send along the training schedule and can add you to our fun email chains about meetups...what's your email?