Sunday, November 02, 2008

Freakin Weekend aka Freakend

I'm adding random photos to keep things interesting...this photograph is me, back in 2003 when I lived in Chicago. This was at a fancy Italian restaurant (Topo Gigio) that was across the street from me. I lived in a great neighborhood, tons of restaurants, close to the El, a block from my gym, half mile from the lake, a block from Second City, a mile from the Miracle Mile. I could go on. I truly miss Chicago, and the encounters you have with random 60 year old Italian men that let you wear their Rolexes, buy you Veuve Clicquot and then lift you off of your feet into their arms in the middle of a busy restaurant.


Ahhhh, Sunday evening. I did end up running on Friday evening, but only after I listened to Brit on repeat three times. There was no one out, everyone must have been out partying for H-ween? I stopped at the gym afterward to lift for a bit - probably 20 minutes, all upper body.

Saturday I did my cross training, a hike at Silver Falls State Park. The hike was about 6.5 miles, but I ran a good 2.5-3 miles of it to test myself out. There were only slight elevation changes on the sections that I ran, but it was still a workout. I did not have proper gear on so I got some fun blisters. Oh, and I did this after having a big lunch so I'm happy to report there was no barfing, but it did get close.

Today I got out for a 4.5 mile run. I tired to hit up the gym for a yoga class, but it ended up being completely full so I didn't do it. I did some upper body lifting, but pretty brief.

I'm thinking about trying to get in some yoga at home - you know, bust out some sun salutations to start the day right. Anyone have suggestions on what I could do at home?

Mileage Recap:
*Friday 10/31 = 5.05 miles @ 8:15
*Sunday 11/2 = 4.52 miles @ 7:51 pace (how did this happen?? My garmin must have messed up...I show my miles as follows: 6:43, 7:33, 7:56, 8:35...I was going fast, but geez...)

Follow up on last week's goals:
1. Run 20 miles - DONE!
2. Go to yoga twice - DONE!
3. Do some form of cross training (spin, hiking, swimming, etc.) - DONE!
4. Everything in moderation - DONE!

Next week's goals:

1. Run 20 miles minimum
2. Go to "crazy weights" at 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning.
3. Continue to wake up at the same time as last week (become a morning person?)
4. Go to yoga (I'll say once, but go for twice)
5. Cross training (spin, hike, swim, etc.)
6. Moderation!

Also, my bday is next week so this moderation goal will probably be hard, as I know there will be food/drinks galore. Anyone have any ideas of how to pamper myself for my bday week? And, if you're in Portland, do you have any good dinner suggestions that would be fun for a group? Also, looking for a good brunch place....mimosas mandatory.

**I am so nervous for Tuesday**


Sarah said...

Brunch - Mothers Bistro. It's delicious.

Group dinner - I'm a big fan of Doug Fir (going there for my birthday tonight), but there is also tons of great places in the Pearl.

Actually, check out this blog - Portland restaurant reviews:

And happy birthday!

P.O.M. said...

Yeahhhhhhhhhh birfday weeks are the best. Just enjoy it! Can you grab a girlfriend and get a spa treatment? That's always my fav way to splurge a little.

Marathon Maritza said...

This picture made me miss you so! I wish I could go party and get crunk with you on your bday!!!!!


Alisa said...

Dinner...low key, Deschutes Brewery in the Pearl...more upscale Meriwether's...even more upscale but freakin' great BlueHour (also in the Pearl).

Wild Abandon (it's on the east side, it's a little funky on the inside but the food is fantastic!)

Roux on Killingsworth is also really good. They have tasty Bloody Mary's (I took my mom there for Mother's Day last year.)

Alisa said...

P.S. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

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