Thursday, November 06, 2008

Drink Bacardi Like Its Your

I decided to write this before my run because I am procrastinating and also because it is my birthday and that's the one day you are allowed to do whatever you want.

  • I did not wake up this morning to go to the gym.
  • I did not run early, I am running this afternoon.
  • I love sour jelly bellys.

Anyway, I decided to recalibrate my HR zones and determined that if my *s l o w* pace is 113 bpm and that is 60% max HR, then my max HR is 217. Therefore, Zone 2 is btwn 130 and 150 and Zone 3 is btwn 150 and 174. Today's run is dictated as 5 miles in Zone 2-3. My guess is that this is more effort than totally easy (last night) but not too hard. I think that my pace that will match this is roughly 9 min/mile, but I will test this out tonight. My first mile cannot really count since it is all downhill, but I will start mile 2 at a 9:00 pace and see what my avg HR is after that.

I don't feel like I am done procrastinating yet!

Oh wait - I got my hair cut today and guess who I look JUST like:


Sarah said...

Happy Happy Birthday! And I bet you're cuter than her :) Easily!

Alisa said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you're out doing something fun.

I think Jessica Biel is super cute and has an amazing body/workout routine (I read a lot of celebrity gossip). However, I agree with Sarah, I bet your hair is cuter.

Marathon Maritza said...

happy bday again, but you're way cuter than that biotech!