Monday, November 03, 2008

I'm Done

I know, I'm sick of myself too... I just wanted to report that I did in fact go for a run in the rain tonight. It was actually coming down harder than I'd expected, but it ended up being a really enjoyable run. There were only 2 runners that I crossed on the first half of my run, so I felt kind of proud to have gotten out. I did not bring my ipod and it ended up being really nice to focus on other things. I had forgotten how much I used to love just thinking or zoning out w/o music. Maybe I will do this more often.

This also makes me wonder about safety running alone out there in the dark...should I worry?

Tomorrow - try really hard to wake up early for the gym @ 6 a.m. and run before 5:30 p.m. (so I can watch election coverage and hit happy hour - simultaneously!)...

Ok, I'm going to bed.


Alisa said...

FYI I won't be at weights in the morning. Crazy schedule for me this week with the election and all. Next week I will be there. Also some of the other ptown bloggers are thinking of joining of the running clubs foe their free weekday runs. I'll keep you posted.

P.O.M. said...

I totally feel badass running in the rain. BUT this morning it was dark and rainy and I just couldn't get out there. Of course it stopped by the time I had to go to work, typical.

Alisa said...

So glad you made it to the weights class in the morning. Sounds like Gazelle's and I will be there too!

I am hoping to get out for a run before the election night parties begin but we shall see.