Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Walking the Plank

Strength Training:
Yesterday was an off day for running, but part of the Coach Shawn plan is to incorporate weight training. I did the full workout at home in my apt and did not use weights. This was my first time running through this program, so I think it took me longer than normal. It was actually tougher than I had anticipated, which is great. I really need to work on my core, as the planks are tough. Also tough are the pushups - I had to compensate by dropping my knees for 2 sets. I kept my HRM on the whole session (just to see) and my avg HR was 137. I kept pretty sweaty the whole time, mostly due to the lack of breaks between sets. I did not use any weights for anything and there are a couple of moves I'm not sure that I did right (some of the different plane lunges and the stability balancing act). I am not feeling too sore (the day after), so we'll see if it kicks in tomorrow. All in all, I think this is a good workout and going to help me improve holistically.

Right after I finished this workout I ran down to the gym to go to yoga. This was by far the best class I've had at 24 hour fitness (instructor Claudia). We went through a lot of stuff and moved from one to the next pretty briskly. My legs were a little sore for all of the warrior and chair poses, but I managed. I really like the pigeon because of the deep stretch I get. I don't think the 24 hour classes really do much to help students focus on form, but hopefully I know enough from previous instruction that I'm keeping up with the right form. With the poses that I've never done before I basically follow what everyone else is doing and make sure I get a good stretch w/o tweaking anything or going too far.

Today's Run:
The plan for today is a fartlek workout; I think I'm going to do this on the track, which is a mile away so perfect for warm up and cool down. I'm doing a one mile warm up, drills, then 15 minutes of 2 min/Zone 4-5 HR and 1 min Zone 1-2 HR, the a one mile cool down.

I can't believe I am in week 2 already and have much farther to go. I want to stay as excited as I am now about all of this. I am going to try to keep motivated by doing what I've been doing - setting weekly goals, sticking with the plans and updating this and the Flotrack page. I have visitors coming for a lot of November so am going to have to really focus on making sure I get in my runs while they're here. It is so easy to slack when you're hanging out w/people on vacation.


*aron* said...

great job on the workouts!!! i have been slacking on my weight training lately and really want to get back into it... maybe once this crazy running schedule lightens up :)

which race are you training for now?

*aron* said...

maritza is trying to talk me into portland :) i am definitely considering it!

just dont think about the speed workout and get it done... thats what i had to tell myself 10000 times this morning.

Alisa said...

Weight training is something I used to love...lately it's been a struggle to get it in BUT I think Thursday is my day to weight train and xtrain.

I'll see you on thursday morning!

Alisa said...

P.S. You know you wanna run Arizona or San Diego...warmth and sunshine!

the gazelle said...

I'm guessing you were at the downtown 24 for yoga? I have never had a good yoga experience there, but since I'm already paying for Bikram, it's hard to justify adding another yoga studio cost, when I'm a gym member as well. I just wish that there was more focus on form - that's what I really like in Studio classes.

Are you going to be at the Y track at 6?

Marathon Maritza said...

Dude, you are kicking butt!!!!

What was your strength training sans weights routine? I don't have weights at home so what should I be doing besides planks, pushups or situps?? Help!