Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You a Real All-American Woman

A guy walking along the track tonight smiled at me and told me I was a "real all-American woman"....um, yay?

Tuesday's workout:

Damn, these workouts always looks so simple on paper. If only. Suited up, wrote down my target zones/paces on my hand in Sharpie and headed down to the track sans iPod. It immediately started raining and became windy once I stepped outside, but I actually enjoy running in the rain so Mother Nature can suck it. Took me about a mile to get to the track. Once I got there I did all of my drills, strides and leg swings which probably took me 15 minutes although I did not time it. Maybe I'm putting too much into these, but I really get my HR going. I still think I'm doing quality, focused work but wonder if I'm going too much all out?

I gave myself a minute to get my HR back to normal and started the fartlek. Before I left the house I set up my Garmin for an interval workout which was great. I set it to 2 mins on, then 1 minute off and repeat 5 times, which was exactly what the workout called for. I have never used this function before and it was really easy to get set up and follow. I found out later that the erratic beeping does not mean that your interval just ended, rather it is about to end, so I basically ended and started each interval early.

Here are my results:
  • Warm up = .76 @ 8:55 pace (I really did do a full mile, my Garmin just did not capture it)
  • Interval 1 = 2:00 @ .28 mi, 7:03 pace, 173 bpm; 1:00 @ .1 mi, 9:42 pace, 180 bpm
  • Interval 2 = 2:00 @ .28 mi, 7:01 pace, 185 bpm; 1:00 @ .1 mi, 9:51 pace, 182 bpm
  • Interval 3 = 2:00 @ .28 mi, 7:12 pace, 185 bpm; 1:00 @ 478 ft (?), 11:02 pace, 181 bpm
  • Interval 4 = 2:00 @ .28 mi, 7:05 pace, 183 bpm; 1:00 @ 509 ft, 10:22 pace, 181 bpm
  • Interval 5 = 2:00 @ .27 mi, 7:26 pace, 184 bpm; 1:00 @ 46 ft, 11:20 pace, 181 bpm
  • Cool down = .98 mile @ 9:26 pace

TOTAL TIME = 31:05
AVG PACE = 8:35 min/mile
AVE HR = 170 bpm
My analysis on the intervals before reading the Garmin data: I put a lot into this today. True, it wasn't as gut wrenching hard as the TT last week, but it was still challenging. This time it was my legs more than my chest that was fighting back. I have put a lot of new strains on my body in the last month and week specifically that I think my body is going through an adaptation phase. I'm not going to lie...I am sore. I am also starting to get a bit of a shin splinty ache in my left leg. Should I ice or leave alone or what? I can't remember what I am supposed to do with those! But all of that said, I definitely had some left in the tank and probably could have cranked out a few more leks to my fart for sure.

My analysis after looking at the Garmin results:
Oh shit, I think I am in trouble. I did these WAY too fast. I should have been doing the 2:00 at a pace btwn 8:00-8:45. However, I must say that my HR did stay w/in the prescribed zone (ok, just barely above it)....so what does that mean? Also, my HR didn't have the chance to get back down after the faster intervals. Is my Garmin off, am I just weird or what?

Shoe report:
So far so good, although I don't think I could take them back now if they sucked. Got them totes soaking wet today.

Tomorrow is three easy miles which I really need....


jen said...


Great job on the fartlek run. You are a real all american woman!

Alisa said...

Ice is always good. Gazelle's and I tried the Lizard workout yesterday...you were right. Not only was it cold, wet and windy but they were really WAYYYYYY out of our league. We didn't finish the workout due to knee pain...ice for us too. We are thinking of doing our own speed workouts on the Lincoln High track on Tuesday's.

*aron* said...

definitely ice!!! get a bucket, fill it with cold water and ice and stick those legs in :) its the best!

i just started using the interval workout screen on garmin and those beeps got me too! i was like phewww done, but wait nope not yet. dang it :) also i was reading last night that auto pause doesnt work on the interval mode either just fyi... i had to stop after one but the timer kept going.

the gazelle said...

when I was first allowed to run again after starting PT, I used the interval setting on my garmin, which is awesome. I'll have to set it up for Alisa's & my Tuesday night workouts.

Emily said...

The Red Lizards are f'ing crazy! Was barefoot girl there? I don't even think she wears a sports bra. It freaks me out.