Friday, November 07, 2008

Fake Plastic Watering Can

I don't like this whole writing before and writing after the run deal, but I need to do something. I am not into work lately. I am also preoccupied with the run I have to do today. Nerves - I am nervous about it and almost at the point where I am a little sick to my stomach. I used to compete and perform a lot when I was growing up and although I had to have gotten used to it, I remember feeling this way. Why in the hell did I put myself through this? I think at the time I thought it was character-building but I don't think it was. Makes me question what I want my kids to do (when I have them).

Anyway, I need to find a way to work around this and relax. It is not terrible - I won't let it be - but not totally comfortable either.

Here's the deal: I'm doing a time trail on the track today with Coach SB. It is our 1st 'session' together and will be used as an indicator of max effort, etc. So, we're going to time me doing two miles. I've been racking my brain trying to remember how fast I used to run this in high school. I mainly did cross country (5k) and the half and quarter, but I did get timed in a couple of 2 mile races. I kind of want to set a goal in my head (like 14 minutes) but I also want to remember what that paces feels like. Does it feel hard/bad? Will it feel hard/bad today?

I can easily run 8:30 miles for a long time. I know I can run two 7:30 miles in a row. But can I run two 7:00 miles in a row? What about faster? What about all that wine and pizza I consumed last night at the surprise bday party I was given? That was not part of the plan!!!

Ok, I seriously need to chill the F out. This is only going to take up like 15 minutes of my life. No need to stress. I'll report back later.


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